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We are the choice for finding great piano teachers in Hong Kong. On top of many other reasons, here’s why:


Free service with Top Notch Quality


It is FREE for students/parents to engage us to find great private piano teachers– NO hidden extra costs. Just search from our list of teachers and send your request.

完全免費幫助學生/家長搜尋香港私人鋼琴教師– 沒有任何隱藏的額外費用。只需選擇合你心意的導師,然後發送請求。

Only Experienced & Qualified Piano Teachers


ALL of our piano teachers have taught piano for at least 3 years with an proven track record of grooming students. They have acquired teaching methodology at leading music schools and some of them are teachers in prestigious music schools in Hong Kong.

我們的鋼琴教師皆擁有至少3年教學經驗和良好的教學記錄。 他們已經在領先的音樂學校裏修習到高效率的授課方法, 其中一些還任教於著名的音樂學校。

Enjoy Piano Lessons Near Your Home


With our comprehensive pool of qualified and experienced private piano teachers, we ensure you receive quality music lessons near your home. 

從我們多位富有經驗及具備專業資格的鋼琴老師當中 ,你肯定可以選擇到適合的鋼琴導師。

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